“I was born in 1928. In the past, I was a public worker helping soldiers during the war (Vietnam-American). I moved to Vietnam from Laos…a long time ago.”

“Now I just go to work in the forest. I collect wood for the fire and grow lettuce. If I stay home, I will be bored and sleepy. I have wood and wild vegetables if I go to the forest. I started to go to the forest when I was a little kid. Whenever staying at home makes me bored, I go to the forest. That is also because I want to support and contribute to my family.” .

“I grow lettuce and sell them at the market. I can sell the vegetables quickly. People see me old and they support me by buying the lettuce.”

Trinh: “What is your secret of living a long life?”
KP: “I don’t know why I can live long. If I stay home, I am sick! Must go to the forest!” (giggling)

“In addition to going to the forest and sleeping at home, I do gardening too.”

“Chatting happily with neighbors at work makes me laugh.”

Kăn Prả – 92 years old 
Ta Oi Ethnic Group


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