“We are always together even life is hard or happy, we’re together.”

“There was one thing special which was that she looked after the kids when the enemies (Americans) tried to kill everyone. They slept in the forest and did not have anything to eat. One of my kids died in the forest. It was so hard. We did not have a house to live in, so whenever it rained, we used the leaves to cover us. Whenever it was cold, we were scared of burning the wood because the enemy would see and bomb us ( if they saw the smoke). The planes were around from 5 to 9 in the morning. And from 6 pm to 9 pm or 10 pm, they flew again to check if there was any light. If there was, they bombed us.”


“I love her. We have been married for a long time but have never had any fight. We both love each other (smile). We’ve gone through so many difficulties together.”


Bhéc and Agál have been married for 56 years. Listening to their story of love and perseverance brought tears to our eyes. This picture focusing on their hands is a powerful symbol of the hardship they have endured together with love holding it all together.


Bhéc, 82 years old
Agál – 72 years old
Co Tu ethnic group
Central Vietnam




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