“You should give me one picture, so when I die, my descendants can see me. I can sing Vietnamese, Laos and Brau songs. This is Brau tobacco. My ethnicity is Brau, the minority ethnic group.”

“I got married to him (pointing at her husband). It was not my intention. We got married when he was 14. One year after marriage, both of us joined the army. I walked to fight barefoot (during the war). I cooked sticky rice inside bamboo for the soldiers. In the past, men could get married to whomever they liked. And he chose me.”

Trinh: “You chose her because she was beautiful?”
Husband: Nodding his head and laughing, in the smoke of his pipe.

“In the past, a lot of men were chasing me. I am not lying about that (lists their names). However, I am a woman and I have my husband. I should be loyal.”

When she heard me talking to Trinh, she said “Is he an American? I can see that right away. I watch TV and see a lot of people and hear them talking. That’s how I know.” “Can you speak English?”Trinh asks. “No” and laughs!

As we prepared to leave Dươi approached me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and then said. “I am telling you two the truth when I say this, but don’t be sad or angry with me… Americans have lots of hair.” (My unshaven face). And then she kissed me one more time.

Y Dươi, 82 years old
Brâu ethnic group
Kon Tum Province, Vietnam

With a bit over 400 people, the Brâu ethnic group is the second smallest of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.


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