“We met in the village next to the stream bank where there was no one else. At that time she was going to bathe in the stream. I was on the way home after bathing in the stream. I was carrying my washed clothes and I met her. She was so shy. She covered her face with her hands when we first saw each other.”

His wife interjects smiling shyly, partially covering her face: “When I first met him, my heart was beating very fast.”

“‘Do you love me? Do you want to be with me?’ I asked her.”
“‘Do you want to be with me?’ She asked me in reply.”
“‘Yes’ I said.”

“We started dating and after one month I met her family including her mom. Later on we decided to get married, however, we waited until our country had freedom (after the Vietnam-American War). I did not want to get married to her before that because I was afraid that if I died she had to be alone.”

Blong and Nun are from the Rơ Măm ethnic group in Vietnam, living in a small village near the Cambodian border. They have now been together for 43 years and counting.

A Blong (right), 68 years old
Y Nun (left), 59 years old
Rơ Măm ethnic group
Central Highlands, Vietnam

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