“I love him, he loves me. We both are orphans, no parents, no siblings. Who else would love us? No one would love me like he does, and no one would love him like I do. He supports me, I support him.” 

“I’m more than 100 years old. It’s been a long time, I don’t know my exact age. My parents passed away when I was a kid. I dont have any siblings. When I grew up, I joined the army. I studied nursing. The enemy sprayed the poisonous substance everywhere by plane (agent orange).” 

“We got married in March 1976. We met each other in A Luoi (Central Vietnam). At that time, people joining the army gathered together. So people could meet their lover. We loved each other, but we had to wait until we had freedom, wait until our mission was complete. If everybody loved each other and all got married, who would protect the country? We had to be strong to fight for our country. Even if you are in love, you have to be strong. Despite what people said, I still followed my heart (to protect Vietnam). We had to have a strong will and focus on fighting against the Americans.” 

“Now we just love each other.” (giggling)

Pârhiet (Husband): “She is adorable!”

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