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Planting rice on TET

Just before the Lunar New Year (Tet) there was a flurry of activity to get all of the rice fields planted before they took time off. We met Sáu working hard to get her rice planted and talked with her and her friends for a while as they worked as the sun went down.

Trinh: Have you prepared anything for Tet?

Sáu: No Tet. Nothing at all. Tet is for young people.

Trinh: You should do at least a little something for yourself, for Tet. For example, going to the beauty salon.

Sáu: I cannot do it. Because today I am still working, and tomorrow I will still bending here in the water, planting the rice. Today the other women have their nails painted already. But we are still working on the rice field! My nails get painted brown by working!

Trinh: Where is your husband? Why don’t you ask him to come here for help?

Sáu: I asked my friends over there for help. They are helping to plant the rice. My husband is at home. He is a construction builder. He is off from work for Tet already. Ask him to plant rice?! He will step on all the rice!!!