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I Wish there was Magic

I started to be a farmer when I was 14 or 15 years old. Now I am 55. Being is a farmer requires me to work hard but the income is not good. However, I still do it, because it has been my job since I was a kid.”

“Life is better now compared to the past. I am not as rich as other people are. There is no starvation anymore. In the past, we were starving.”

“My thirty-year-old son, who is disabled, got married. He can only see in one eye. I have a 4-year-old grandchild now, but the kid is disabled too. We had been taking my grandkid to the hospital when he was just a few days old. However, he is still like that. The optic nerves do not work anymore. And he cannot speak. I wish there were a way of treatment for my grandchild, so he could see the world with one eye at least. Just, only one. I wish there were magic!