“Vietnam The People is a story-driven portrait photography project to document the people of Vietnam and their culture. We slow down to learn about their life and take pictures of them, working to capture their story and a portrait of who they are. Spending time with the people and getting their stories in their own words, makes our photography much more meaningful” Alden explains.

Mission: “This is one of the most meaningful projects in my life. My mission is to document the charming Vietnam, raise the awareness about our culture and share it to the world. I think my Vietnam is very beautiful with rich cultural heritage and amazing people; and I always want to share it with people around the world. Working with Alden – the photographer, is a perfect fit. We do it through photography and stories.” Trinh explains. 


Pictures for the people to print and deliver 3,000 photos to the people they photograph in Vietnam. Alden explains “Photography is best when shared. It really makes photography so much more meaningful when we return to find the person and give them a printed photo of themselves. Seeing them with their photo, laughing,  smiling and sharing it with their friends and family, really fills my heart with joy. It’s probably my favorite part of photography.”

A Fund for Education from the sale of our photography. “I’m from an area where there are many underprivileged kids not having enough opportunity to further their education. More than anyone else, I understand the desire of going to school, furthering education and being encouraged to pursue their dreams. I know that there are many ways to become successful and  education is one of the keys. It opened up my whole world. Now I want to share the opportunities with the unprivileged kids in the remote villages of Vietnam.” Trinh explains.

Get Involved with Vietnam The People! If you would like to help support our project documenting and giving back to the people as well as assisting those that we meet you can join us on Patreon here. On our Patreon page we will be posting more behind the scenes of what we are doing and a closer more personalized view of our project. All donation amounts are appreciated and provide access to all of the content on Patreon. Even as little as $2 a month is appreciated. 


Alden is an Emmy Award winning artist from Los Angeles, California. He has over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer and more than a decade of working in the Hollywood Film Industry. His previous clients have included 20th Century, Fox, ESPN, National Geographic,  Sony, the Discovery Channel, Blum House,  Columbia, History Channel and many more. Recently in 2019, Alden & Trinh won 2 Photo Heritage Awards in Vietnam.

Trinh comes from a poor rural community in the mountain of Central Highlands in Vietnam. In her community, she is one of a few girls who were able to go to the school for gifted children and finish university in Danang with a very good result. She has been organizing many non-profit activities for the poor kids as well as villages. The biggest one was a school supply drive in 2018 for more than 3,000 unprivileged children in Kon Tum.

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